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Mynij Milestone 8: Application UI

Mynij Application UI has to be user friendly and also attractive for teenagers and young adults.
  • Last Update:2021-11-24
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

The goal of this Milestone is to improve the early Mynij Application UI and make it user friendly in order to display search results in the the best possibel way to the end-user. This is a long term goal. We introduce here the current state of improvements.

We designed mynij UI to be good for Desktop and mobile too.


Mynij Search UI

UI was adapted for smal screens. The search results are shown in two tabs, one for mynij which is the default and the second one for searx results.

To search something, enter a text and select an index in the list then type enter or click on Search button.

Mynij results and searx (Google) results are shown side by side. User can compare customized search results from selected index provided by Mynij and Global search results provide by searx through various public Web search engines. On the searx result tab, there is a More Results button whichs open for extended search list.

Bootstrap Mynij Search engine

Mynij store has a collection of sources for quickly configuring the search engine. Installing a source is very simple. User clicks on the source icon. Mynij PWA then downloads the source data (ie. a list of sitemaps or RSS feeds) and saves it inside the local storage of the PWA. If source content has already been crawled and shared as a search index through Webtorrent, Mynij PWA will download the existing search index through Webtorrent. If not, Mynij will start crawling the source  (ie. sitemaps or RSS feeds) and build a search index. Everything is triggered automatically, no action is required from the user.


It is possible to export the JSON data of a source and later import in Mynij PWA. It is possible to export index data and share it through Webtorrent.

The left menu panel shows all possible operations that can be done on source. There is also a link to which can be used to contribute new sources.


Mynij Search on Mobile

UI was adapted for smal screen, the search results are shown is two tabs, one for Mynij which is the default and the second for searx results.